Common problems that I can help you with:

Frequent night waking

Depending on your baby's age night waking can be common or can be habitual. I will work with you to understand what we can do to help baby reduce night waking, with the ultimate goal of helping your baby sleep through the night.


Many babies struggle to have lengthy day naps because they are assisted. I can teach you techniques to help get your baby to self settle so he or she can consolidate their sleep cycles and stop catnapping.

Negative sleep associations

A negative sleep association is when mum or dad feel like feeding, rocking, walking, bouncing or giving baby a dummy is starting to be become a burden. I can provide techniques that suit your parenting style to transition your baby to more healthy sleep associations.

Early Risers

Got a baby or toddler who likes to start the day before the sun is even up? I can help teach you hints and tricks to get your child to sleep till 7am every day.


Change is never easy - be that transitioning from a swaddle to a sleeping bag, from 2 naps to 1 nap, from a cot to a big kids bed. Let me help you plan out and navigate the change that lies ahead for you and your baby.


The dreaded regressions, I have hints and tips to help you and your baby prepare and avoid regressions prior to them hitting. Or if you are in the middle of a sleep regression (4, 6 or 12 months) let me teach you and your baby how to get through this difficult time.

How we will work together

There are four simple steps we will take if you decide to work with me:
  • 1. Getting to know your baby

    I will send you a questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you and your baby better.

  • 2. Personalised sleep plan

    I will write you a comprehensive and personalised sleep plan with step by step instructions and recommendations.

  • 3. Review session

    We can either meet in person, or catch up over the phone, to discuss your plan in detail.

  • 4. Implementation

    I will help and support you for 1 week after you start to implement the changes in your babys sleep plan.


    Get to know me, and have a browse through some of my latest blog articles all about my life, sleep and balance.


    Don't just take my word for it - here it from families that I have already helped!
    16 Months Old

    "Stop thinking about it and pick up the phone - Melissa will lead you to sleep!" - Easton's mum

    12 Months Old

    "Mel is absolutely wonderful and has helped us so much. My son now sleeps through the night, a dream come true!!!!!" - Luca's mum

    5 weeks old

    "Mel has been great. She provided 1:1 assistance (including when I was panicked and frustrated) and was flexible to work with what I was comfortable with. My little guy is becoming a great sleeper." - Jack's mum

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