End of daylight saving guide

Baby Sleep Coach

Daylight savings ends at 2am tomorrow morning. This means we put our clock back 1 hour. Before having kids, this would mean an extra hour sleep - but now this means our kids are likely to wake at 5:30am instead of 6:30am. Yuck.

If you are like me daylight savings just sneaked up on me. Usually I would start training my boys in the days leading up to daylight savings but with Easter I completely forgot about it. Now I have to deal with early risers tomorrow morning - who are going to be especially excited because the easter bunny will have visited overnight.

These are the steps I am going to take over the next few days to get the kids back on routine. Even thought the clock will say 7pm, my kids body clock will still think it is 6pm making it hard for them to fall asleep - and I don't want them picking up any bad habits. These are the steps I will be taking over the coming days to slowly help push them back to a 7am-7pm routine.

Sunday: Start the day 45 mins earlier than usual and push out all naps, meals and bed time by 45 mins.
Monday: Start the day 30 mins earlier than usual and push out all naps, meals and bed time by 30 mins.
Tuesday: Start the day 15 mins earlier than usual and push out all naps, meals and bed time by 15 mins.
Wednesday: You should be transitioned to the perfect time for all wakes ups, naps, meals and bed time.

If you still have an earlier riser a few weeks after day light savings ends here are my top tips:
- If you haven't already create a little bed time routine that you can use to help your child recognise that the longest sleep of the day is coming - it could be as fast as reading a quick book, or it could include bath, milk, a song, a story, saying goodnight to 500 teddies (hopefully its just one) and then sleep. Whatever it is, make sure it works for you and your child.
- Consider getting a sleep trainer clock, Kmart has them for $25. The trick with these clocks is actually setting the time to just before your child usually wakes, so they experience the excitement of seeing the clock change to have the sun rise. Then slowly moving the clock forward by 10 mins each day until your child is waking at the time you want. These clocks are only suggested for children who are 2.5 years and older.
- Try to not respond too quickly to your children in the morning. The last 2 hours are very light sleep so if you get them used to getting up at 5am then that is what they will think is normal. Try to settle them using gentle sleep training techniques. Reach out if you have any questions.

If you found this helpful feel free to share with your friends and family. Also if you have any tips for helping transition children into day light savings I'd love to hear them.

Looking forward to enjoying the warmer weather and longer days, I hope you are too.


  1. my 22 month old pre end of DLS was waking at 6:20am, Napping at 12:30 between 1.5 - 2 hrs. Bedtime at 7:00pm however no matter if I put him down at 6:30pm or 8:30pm he will just chill and sing in bed and fall asleep between 8:30-9pm every night. Could be dropping his nap? The only thing is he gets extremely tired and is rubbing his eyes after 12pm saying "bed". Do you have any tips? PS it doesn't bother me that he wakes up at 6:20 because he'll stay in hissed until just after 7 when I go in... I'm just worried he may not be getting enough sleep overnight.

    1. Absolutely he could be dropping his nap - how long has he been doing this for? Days or weeks? If it is days it might just be a phase. If it is weeks then consider only giving him 1 hour nap in the day to see if that helps him be tired enough at 7pm to fall straight asleep. Let me know how you go! Sending you all positive sleep vibes - Mel