Returning to work has made me feel better

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All the anxiety I felt about returning to work seems like a distant memory now. Only 3 months ago I was unsure I could manage going back to work, being a mum, running a household and a business. In reality, returning to work has been the best thing for my family, my employer and myself.

Fact. Returning to work has made me feel like a better mum and wife. On a hard day with the kids,  I can remind myself that tomorrow I will be at work and I'll miss them like crazy. So I try to push through the hard moments and I try not to worry so much about the little things, the crumbs on the floor, the fingerprints on the walls. I try to remind myself that these things are not a reflection on they type of mum I am. Returning to work has forced me to not worry about these things, simply because I have more important things to worry about, like what fun activities I am going to do with my kids in the time I have with them. I also think my relationship, especially with Samuel, has improved. He seems more calm and happier. It might be a coincidence, or it might be that he is picking up on my vibe and is calmer and happier because I am calmer and happier too.

Fact. Returning to work has made me a better employee. I look forward to going to work, to making a difference. I don't have time to fluff around, I feel more productive than ever. I also find that I am more busy and I love it. There is something so satisfying in solving a problem and doing a good job. Also on a challenging day at work I only need to think of going home to my family to make me feel better.

Fact. My mental state is much better off for returning to work. I am no longer worried about how much dust is on the floor of my house. Or how I haven't finished folding all the washing. Or how I wouldn't be able to keep up the reputation I had before I went on maternity leave. My problems are put into perspective and this has helped me be the best version of myself. As they say, you cant pour from an empty cup. I thought returning to work would deplete my cup but actually it has filled it up. I feel valued. I feel important. I feel like I am making a difference. I feel happy.

I have this theory that we will always step up to the next level when presented with a challenge. It may take some time but if you are up for the challenge then it will happen. It's like the flight or flight response. If we stick it out, if we fight for what we think is right, we will "level up". I am excited to say that I feel like I have levelled up with returning to work.

What's been your experience returning to work? How long did it take till things felt "good"?

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