Mother’s Day gift guide

picture of flowers on a table with text that reads mothers day gift guide

Mother’s Day is literally around the corner for us - and I’m not ready for it yet!

My hubby has been asking “what do you want for Mother’s Day?” And honestly, I don’t know. Perhaps a day to myself, but then I know it will be a waste because I’ll spend the whole time thinking about my boys 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

In lieu of that being a valid option I did a bit of research and put together this last minute gift guide. The thing about getting good gifts is that it needs to be a thoughtful - here are my ideas. Feel free to share it with your partner or use it for inspo for your own mama (god knows we have a whole new appreciation for our mums after becoming a mum ourselves).

Something made by the kids - a card, a macaroni frame, a painting. If you were putting this together for your mum the good thing is that it is an activity you can plan with your kids! 

Something personalised - I know I said this is a list minute gift guide and usually anything personalised takes a few weeks BUT if we needed another reason to love Kmart here it is...  

A $7 personalised mug that only needs to be ordered the morning before you wanna pick it up! Find out more here

T2 tea - a beautiful mug / cup with a special tea. 

This is a nice gift from your partner/kids but it is especially a nice gift idea for your own mum -  you could include a message in the card saying how much you want to share a cup of tea together. I love tea so much and the nice thing about T2 is you can get something that you know your mum likes because they have so much variety.  So if she loves sweet things there’s a range of sweet teas, if she is having trouble sleeping you can get something to help her sleep. Just talk to the experts in store to get some help if your unsure.

Candles - This is a nice gift if you or your mum is into candles like I am. My personal fav are glasshouse candles and you can find them at David Jones OR Peter Alexander (and you could pick up some ugg boots to go with them):
Peter Alexander

Spa/facial/mani/pedi voucher - let’s face it, every mama deserves some form of pampering. 

If it’s for you hint to your partner to have a baby sitter organised so it’s a well thought out and planned gift. Some places that you could get last minute vouchers from include:
Pure Polished - Great if you are a breastfeeding mum or maybe for a mum/grandma if you cant get out and about easily 

Breakfast in bed - A slow morning in PJs not doing any cleaning, washing up, laundry. Oh what a dream. And best of all it is free. Hint hint hubby! 

Pamper session + date night - A voucher to a hairdresser combined with a date night planned (could be at a local restaurant or just uber eats or a night at the movies) and childcare sorted for a few hours. Yas!

Gift is sleep - Finally need help with getting your baby / toddler / preschooler to sleep longer? Why don’t you ask for the gift of sleep - a voucher from me for either a phone consultation or in home consultation. I can email you a voucher with a personalised message ✨

Hope this list helps - let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below. 

Sending all the mamas a very happy mothers day!