Toilet training a strong willed child

When it comes to toilet training I thought I knew it all. 

We toilet trained Sammy when he was 2 years old a few months. Sammy picked it up in 5 days - and after 2 weeks Sammy didn’t have any accidents. He picked it up so quickly and we were so proud of the work *we* did.

Little did I know that it was really all Sammy.  

When Sebby was the same age we thought it was time to get him out of nappies before the weather got too cold. We did the exact same thing we did with Sammy. 
  • Talked about it for a few days before we took away nappies 
  • Bought Sebby new undies 
  • We stopped using nappies (just pull ups at nap time and bed time)
  • We gave Sebby treats after weeks or poos on the toilet 
  • We would time Sebby and put him on the toilet every 20/30 mins. 

We started no nappies on Feb 20, 2019. And now on the 19 April I can say that he is finally toilet trained. He asks to go and he hasn't had an accident in days. But it took MONTHS. 

My key take away from this experience is this: 
Some children get it easier. Some children are more stubborn and strong willed and take longer. 

Same applies to sleep training. Some children never need help falling asleep. Some children need more support and encouragement to fall asleep. Both are normal. It can be frustrating at times but remember all children are individuals and are on their own journey. Try not to compare and stay calm. They will get there. 

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