Melissa is a mother 2 two boys 13 months apart. She is a UX designer and more recently a business owner and a certified baby sleep consultant. 

After becoming a mother Melissa realised that it was hard work giving her all to her children, but she didn't want to lose herself in the process. So she started her journey to find balance, and realised how important a good nights sleep was her own mental health and for the growth of her family. That is what led her down the path of studying to become a Baby Sleep Consultant. 

She has since helped families locally and internationally get more rest. She develops personalised sleep plans, because no two families or children are the same. It's the time she takes getting to know a family and her personal touch that sets her apart from other sleep consultants.

She is trained in all different settling techniques for all different types of parenting styles and baby ages. So if you are a main stream parent or an attachment parent Melissa will be able to help you teach your baby to sleep in a method that you feel comfortable.

Finally, you teach your baby to eat. You teach your baby to walk, stand, crawl and walk. So then, why would sleeping be any different? Get in touch if you want to know more about teaching your baby to sleep.

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